About us

Named after a street near a train junction in Bangkok, Thailand, Soi 3 is a Thai Restaurant built to showcase and celebrate authentic Thai street food. Our menu is a vibrant selection of traditional Thai street food dishes with a diverse range of tastes commonly served by the Street Vendors of Bangkok. Chef Chompoonich’s love of this food is presented to you so that your nostalgia is triggered, or your curiosity is piqued. Embrace what Thailand has to offer at our Thai Restaurant with Chef Chompoonich's respect and love for this wonderful cuisine.

The Chompoonich family is proudly a first generation migrant family. Their house in Thailand was on the street the Thai restaurant is named after. With a deep understanding of Thai cuisine and culture from a native perspective, the family has often returned to the idea of familiar food from their homeland presented in the States. Chef Chompoonich has decided to take the step to share his family's favorites and Thailand's most delicious recipes with with anyone and everyone who would like to enjoy an authentic experience, or remember what it was like when they were there themselves.

The Soi 3 Experience

Soi 3 looks to bring to Kennesaw, GA authentic Thai Street Food just like you would find with the local food vendors while traveling the busy streets of Bangkok, Thailand.


Our Menu is best enjoyed when served Family Style and shared. Portion sizes vary per dish and we suggest ordering 1-2 dishes per person, along with a serving of our different types of rice.

We're Spicy!

Our menu spice levels will vary from Medium to Hot as Thais would enjoy and could be too spicy for some guests. We cannot tone down the spice level, but do have some dishes that are noted as Mild.

Local and Fresh

We strive to use fresh, locally sourced, and healthy ingredients in our menu. We can say we are proud to work with Riverview Farms for our pork, and Springer Mountain Farms for our chicken.